Dr. Lori Puterbaugh, LMHC, LMFT, NCC
Counseling and Coaching


Counseling Can Be Helpful for:

Anxiety, Social Anxiety and Panic Disorders



Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder



Self Esteem


Issues related to gifted/high IQ 


Life Phase/Stage Issues 


Unhealthy Relationship Patterns  



Counseling & Psychotherapy

Individual counseling and psychotherapy is an excellent option for addressing many concerns.  I usually meet with clients every two or three weeks; for most people, this is cost effective and allows time to experiment with new practices.  We use "homework" focused on your particular goals. When clients wish to meet more frequently, that is always an option.  Sessions are available in person and by video-conferencing. I am licensed to work with clients within the state of Florida. Services are not available outside of Florida. 


Major Life Changes

Major  changes – including the joyful ones – create still other challenges.  Leaving home? A child leaving home? Entering a new phase of life? Sometimes these transitions are more of a coaching process; at other times, the reflective process of exploring the transition is an important precursor to a major life change.    


 ...It's Not Always About Problems

Strengths sometimes offer unique challenges.  One of my interests is helping gifted people - children and adults - understand the full experience of high intelligence, which can include multiple sensitivities, high intensity of experience, and difficulty in finding people with whom they can really connect. A member of Mensa, TNS and a former school counselor, I am very motivated to help the gifted population.


Other strengths, such as being a competitive athlete, artist, or leader, also bring unique challenges.  Counseling can be a way to amplify strengths and learn strategies to manage those challenges.